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Suntracker Flight Information

Flight Profile: Two hours climb to maximum altiude and thirty minutes descent
Amateur Radio Call Sign: The ATV downlink will be identified by call sign: KC8MSY.
All packets from package will also by identified by the Call Sign: KC8MSY (Telemetry transmitted every one second and GPS string transmitted every 10 seconds).
ATV: Half (0.5) Watt.
Antenna with reflector vertically positioned.
439.25 MHz transmit frequency.
Telemetry/GPS Transmitter: 1.4 Watt YAESU VX-1.
Transmitting AX.25 packet data on 144.34 MHz.
Short Yaesu rubber duck antenna mounted vertically at the bottom of the package.
GPS: Two separate Garmin GPS receivers for ATV and 2M systems.
GPS data is overlaid on the video signal and transmitted every 10 seconds on 2M system.
Telemetry: Telemetry string is transmitted every one second. The packet contains a packet serial number, the byte values from 5 eight-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC).
The telemtery data being donwlinked is:
ADC#1: Circuit Temperature
ADC#2: Cell Current
ADC#3: Cell Temperature
ADC#4: Reference Voltage
ADC#5: Pressure